La Belle Lucie Solitaire

La Belle Lucie

La Belle Lucie is a classic solitaire card game. It has a lot of the characteristics of other pile based solitaire card games like Cruel or Shamrocks. You start out with 18 piles, with 17 piles having 3 cards in them, and 1 pile having a single card in it. There are 4 foundations that you build up from Ace to King by suit. You can build the 18 piles down from King to Ace by suit. If you remove all the cards from a pile, the pile is gone and you can't start it again. This game would be impossible to win, if it weren't for the 'Shuffle'. When you click the 'Shuffle' button, all the cards that are not currently in the foundation get picked up, shuffled and dealt into piles of 3. You can shuffle up to 3 times in a given game.

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